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Educating the public about AIDS in Lima, Peru.
Lujan M; Saba W; Varela L; Payne A; Peruvian Health Ministry, Lima, Peru
September 30, 1990
Int Conf AIDS. 1989 Jun 4-9;5:910 (abstract no. E.645). Unique

OBJECTIVE: To develop an AIDS mass media information campaign for the city of Lima, Peru. METHODS: Five steps were followed to develop an information campaign: 1) an audience analysis carried out through focus groups and a KAP survey of 1,900 households; 2) design of 3 TV and 2 radio spots; 3) pre-testing of materials in the target population; 4) production of spots; and 5) dissemination through tv channels and radio stations. RESULTS: Audience analysis showed high public awareness about AIDS but a low prevalence of preventative behaviours. Also, great interest on the subject overode any objections to the use of mass media to promote safer sex, condom use included. Testing of materials showed identification, acceptance and a good comprehension of preventative messages. CONCLUSIONS: Audience analysis and pre-testing were crucial to determine content and format of the AIDS education campaign.

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