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The agglutinating approach to joint STD/AIDS prevention and control in female sex workers in the Dominican Republic.
Rosario S; Guerrero E; De Moya EA; Volquez C; Alcantara R; Procets,
September 30, 1990
Int Conf AIDS. 1989 Jun 4-9;5:708 (abstract no. Th.D.O.10). Unique

OBJECTIVE: To describe and analyze the conceptual approach to STD/AIDS prevention in Dominican female sex workers (FSW), as well as the detection, diagnosis and treatment strategies and their results from 1987 to mid 1989. METHODS: On the basis of an agglutinating approach that incorporates FSW leaders elected by their peers to the National Struggle against AIDS, sex workers receive educational preventive training, at-cost monthly physical exams, laboratory tests and treatment for STD, in 12 new sentinel posts in the Dominican Republic. FSW receive 50 condoms gratis in each visit. RESULTS: As of December 1988, 22,000 medical exams have been delivered to 5,000 FSW; 12% have been treated for syphilis and 10% for gonorrhoea. Out of 3,000 voluntary HIV tests, 2.6% have been seropositive. CONCLUSION: Aggressive control of genital ulcer disease (GUD) through joint peer/professional intervention provides an unique opportunity for educating sex workers, detecting STD at an early stage, treating these diseases opportunely, and reducing the risk of HIV infection.

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