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Incidence of AIDS and other infections in Spanish drug addicts analysis of 8660 cases after a decade of follow-up (1977-87).
September 30, 1990
Int Conf AIDS. 1989 Jun 4-9;5:499 (abstract no. B.610). Unique

OBJECTIVE: To study the prevalence and the characteristics of AIDS and other infections in Spanish parenteral drug addicts (PDA). METHODS: Fifty eight Spanish hospitals reported, using a standardized form, all infectious complications in PDA who required hospital admission or hospital control as outpatients. The diagnosis of the infections were made following preestablished criteria and were the same in all participating centers. The P4F routine of the BMDP package were used for calculations. RESULTS: A total number of 8660 infectious complications in PDA have been reported from 1977 to 1987. The number of cases increased abruptly since 1984. The mean age of PDA was 24 years and the male/female ratio 3/1. Infective endocarditis was diagnosed in 637 cases (7%) (right sided or mixed endocarditis in 78%), osteomyelitis or septic arthritis in 261 (3%), skin or soft tissue infections in 416 (5%), tuberculosis in 362 (4%), tetanus in 6, self limited fever of unknown etiology in 546 (6%), acute hepatitis in 3321 (38%), chronic hepatitis in 912 (11%), AIDS in 400 (4.5%), systemic candidiasis (skin, ocular and/or chondrocostal involvement) in 671 (8%), malaria in 8 and other infections in 1120 (13%). The overall mortality was 3.5%. AIDS in PDA appeared in our country in 1984 and increased abruptly in 1987. Extrapulmonary or disseminated tuberculosis (27%), esophageal candidiasis (24%), Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (18%) and C.N.S. toxoplasmosis (11.5%) were the most common diagnostic presentations. The cumulative mortality of AIDS cases was 36%. CONCLUSIONS: Infectious complications in PDA have became an emerging and growing problem in Spain since 1984 and AIDS increased abruptly in 1987.

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