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HIV infection rates in parturients who receive no prenatal care.
Killian H; Risi G; James D; Muirhead L; Shields J; Marier R; Department
September 30, 1990
Int Conf AIDS. 1989 Jun 4-9;5:481 (abstract no. B.504). Unique

OBJECTIVE: To test the hypothesis that women receiving no prenatal care represent a higher risk group for HIV infection than those who receive regular care at an urban hospital serving primarily indigent patients (Charity Hospital [CH]). METHODS: All women presenting to the obstetrical clinics of CH are offered HIV testing and pre/post test counseling (group I). Between 5-10% of deliveries each month at CH are among women who have not received any prenatal care (group II). Beginning 10/1/88 all such women were offered the test during their hospitalization accompanied by pre/post test counseling. All specimens were screened using EIA, with confirmation by Western Blot (WB). RESULTS: Ninety-eight percent of women in group I and 100% of women in group II consented to HIV testing. TABULAR DATA, SEE ABSTRACT VOLUME. CONCLUSION: In this area where the overall seroprevalence of HIV in pregnant women is low, being outside the health care system is not reflective of being in a higher risk group.

Female Hospitals, Urban Human HIV Infections/*NURSING HIV Seroprevalence Louisiana *Pregnancy *Prenatal Care Risk Factors ABSTRACT