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The role of all-party political groups in a national strategy for AIDS.
Baron C; Key R; Smith C; Butler A; The All-Party Parliamentary Group on
December 30, 1990
Int Conf AIDS. 1990 Jun 20-23;6(2):477 (abstract no. 4092). Unique

The UK has, according to Dr. Jonathan Mann, taken a leading role in the international fight against AIDS. Apart from its contribution in the area of scientific research the relationship between the voluntary and statutory sectors, despite its ad hoc nature, has contributed to the strong position of the UK in this field. Historically, the fact that the country has a well developed sector has meant that statutory bodies have been able to rely to a large extent upon voluntary agencies to provide the kind of care, support and education that are crucially needed. These groups, dealing as they do with the problem 'at the coalface', also have much to contribute to policy development. What is still missing, however, at a national level, is a long term strategy for AIDS. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on AIDS, an all party group of UK politicians concerned with ensuring that policy making about AIDS funding prevention and care is adequately developed and effectively executed, aims to provide a bridging function between parliament and the voluntary and statutory sectors. Through its meetings, information base and other activities it has opened up the debate but has managed to hold the middle ground in what, at times, seems to be an increasingly polarized situation. A comparative analysis of the role of such semi-formal groups internationally would be of great practical benefit at the level of policy development as well as of sociological interest.

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