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NBA Star's Daughter is Giving Back by Bringing Joy to Teens:

October 14, 2008
SEATTLE, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Chantel 'Chani' Christie, daughter of NBA Power couple Doug and Jackie Christie, gives back to her native state teens. Starting October 14, 2008 Chani plans to visit 20 local middle and high schools to bring joy to teens during this economic crisis. In conjunction with her morale booster plan, she also plans to bring awareness for World AIDS Day on December 1st to unite her home state.

Chani delivered several items to Seattle schools including, her new book 'I Want To Live: A Teen's Guide To Finding Self Love' to help promote literacy amongst Seattle teens. Chani has committed to supporting HIV/AIDS Awareness by donating the proceeds of sales of the book, to the cause. Her self-help book highlights the importance of teens living a healthy lifestyle and finding self love. She has committed to also donating several high school cash scholarships for teenagers that write an essay about HIV/AIDS awareness in December.

In conjunction with her book, Chani also released her new video titled 'What's Going On?' by the late Marvin Gaye. "When I recorded 'What's Going On' it touched my heart deeply. I'm honored to have made the video and released them both together, as this is something new and different and I felt it would get people's attention if they were able to watch my video and read the book," said Chani.

Chani is the United States Youth Ambassador for HIV/AIDS Awareness, and the YMCA national youth spokesperson, she has a passion to lead youth across the world as a positive role model. Chani will tour the Unites States inspiring youth from all walks of life through her music and book. She hopes to inspire all youth to follow their dreams. "I am excited about my new ventures and working with teens across the globe," says Chani.

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