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Nkosi HIV/AIDS Champion; Mbeki??

April 11, 2002
The United Democratic Movement Youth Vanguard (UDMYV) rejoices with all South Africans that Nkosi Johnson, who died last year, is to be honoured with the World's Children's Prize for the Rights of the Child. We especially would like to thank and honour Ms Gail Johnson, Nkosi's foster-mother, for her diligent and continuous efforts to fight for our children who suffer from HIV and Aids.

Nkosi Johnson had, at a very tender age, found the voice to speak on behalf of all children who suffer from the dreaded disease and even after his passing his voice remains and reminds us to continue with the battle.

South Africa's president and health minister's actions and words stand in stark and palpable contrast to the actions and words of this young hero and activist. It is an indictment against them as leaders in government, that many children and other South Africans of all ages , will suffer and die because of their pig-headedness, uncaring attitude and continued lack of action.

The UDMYV salutes Nkosi Johnson and others like him, who has the courage and the will to actively fight against the HIV/Aids pandemic; to sensitise and mobilise hundreds and thousands of their fellow South Africans to take a stand and say: We care! We will join in the fight against this disease; despite the fact that our government seems to have forsaken its duty.

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