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Regulation of HIV-1 LTR in human brain cells in the presence of an active HIV-1 tat gene and polyomavirus T proteins.
Amemiya K; Nath A; Major E; National Institute of Neurological Disorders
December 30, 1990
Int Conf AIDS. 1990 Jun 20-23;6(3):113 (abstract no. S.A.70). Unique

OBJECTIVE: It has been suggested that the T protein of the polyomaviruses can transactivate the LTR of HIV-1 and may play a role in the encephalopathy seen in AIDS dementia. The study described here tests the interaction between the T proteins of the human polyomavirus JCV and the simian virus SV40 for their ability to transactivate the LTR of HIV-1 in glial cells derived from fetal brain. METHODS: Primary cultures or established cell lines from human fetal brain were co-transfected with an infectious molecular clone of HIV-1, pNL4-3, and an HIV-1 CAT vector, pBenn CAT. Control cultures were co-transfected with pNL4-3 and pSVOCAT, a promoterless CAT vector. The established cell lines of astrocytes synthesized either the SV40 T protein, SVG, or the JCV T protein, POJ. Determination of CAT activity was made from counting of radiolabeled chloramphenicol following acetylation by CAT in protein extracts from transfected cultures. RESULTS: All cells transfected with pNL4-3 produced high levels of p24 antigen. CAT activity was highest in primary cells co-transfected with pNL4-3 and pBenn CAT and 5 fold lower in the JCV T protein containing POJ cells and 10 fold lower in the SV40 T protein containing SVG cells. pBenn CAT alone was active at levels significantly above background but not as high as in co-transfection. CONCLUSIONS: Human glial cells express HIV-1 proteins more efficiently in the absence of the human JCV or simian T proteins. Transactivation of HIV-1 in brain infections with JCV may not be a factor in AIDS encephalopathy.

Astrocytes/METABOLISM/MICROBIOLOGY AIDS Dementia Complex/*GENETICS Cells, Cultured Fetus *Gene Expression Regulation, Viral Gene Products, gag/GENETICS/IMMUNOLOGY *Genes, tat Human HIV Antigens/GENETICS HIV-1/*GENETICS Neurons/*METABOLISM/MICROBIOLOGY Polyomavirus/GENETICS Polyomavirus macacae/GENETICS Transfection Viral Core Proteins/GENETICS/IMMUNOLOGY Viral Proteins/*GENETICS ABSTRACT