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HIV infection have a place at Carnival Sao Paulo (SP).
Fernandes ME; Matarazzo MH; Inglesi E; Rangel P; Louren:co A; State
December 30, 1990
Int Conf AIDS. 1990 Jun 20-23;6(3):111 (abstract no. S.D.61). Unique

During Carnival time, people dance, sing and drink for almost 4 days. During that time, sexual anonymous activities with many partners can occur in night clubs, in the parades, on the streets, at the beaches and so on. The use of drugs of all kinds rises together with this pleasure time and the Carnival spirit of excitement, euphoria, total freedom creates a perfect environment for HIV transmission. Also at this time, Brazil use to receive a lot of tourists mainly from Europe, USA and Latin America. Worried about this scenario the Educational and Training State Department for AIDS started a campaign in 1989 against AIDS with the active participation of the official samba schools in the City of Sao Paulo. They carried through the parade a banner with original phrases on AIDS prevention in front line of each samba school. Also 700,000 pamphlets were distributed before the parade of Carnival. In 1990 a special kit was produced and sent to 572 cities of the S.P. State in order to give suggestions in AIDS prevention activities during Carnival. This strategy was very well received by population, the media and the samba schools. The AIDS prevention had a place in the Carnival in 1989 and we hope that in 1990 our efforts will decrease HIV transmission during this time.

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