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Difficulties in the nursing care of the HIV positive patients in India.
Bhargava A; Singh YN; Kumar A; Tripathy S; Malaviya AN; All India
December 30, 1990
Int Conf AIDS. 1990 Jun 20-23;6(3):108 (abstract no. S.C.52). Unique

At the time of admission of a HIV positive person in the hospital, several unique problems were faced. These related to the attitudes of nurses, lab workers, nursing assistants and doctors. The study aimed at analyzing the reasons for their unusual reaction. The experience was gained from the clinical management of seven patients with HIV illness requiring hospitalisation. The lack of knowledge about transmission and misinformation in this context was the main cause of unusual reaction in the nurses and paramedical staff. However, among some doctors, there was serious resentment against caring for these patients in spite of adequate knowledge about HIV transmission. The main reason for this was their failure to convince themselves about authenticity of the available scientific information on HIV transmission. Those who did feel convinced were however, worried about lack of institutional support and insurance in case of any mishap. It is concluded that while medical education may help in changing the attitudes of paramedical health care workers it may not succeed in achieving the same amongst some doctors.

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