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Pediatric HIV disease: a 3 year prospective study.
Malek AN; Mukelabai K; Nyumbu M; Nyaywa S; Iuo N; University Teaching
December 30, 1990
Int Conf AIDS. 1990 Jun 20-23;6(3):103 (abstract no. S.B.30). Unique

OBJECTIVE: A prospective study to determine and quantify the short and long term sequelae of Pediatric HIV Disease. METHODS: Based on clinical suspicion of immunodeficiency 623 suspected inpatients and their mothers were screened for anti-HIV antibodies using ELISA (Abbott & Wellcosyme). 198 diagnosed as having HIV Disease were followed monthly, out of which 53 cases with whom we started were followed for a complete 36 months, and the remaining 145, were recruited during the study, to determine the pattern of illnesses occurring as a result of HIV Disease. RESULTS: Of 623 suspected children, 198 (31.8%) were seropositive. Age range 2 months to 8 years (peak between 1-2 years, Male/Female ratio 1:1.1; 190 (95.9%) were born to seropositive mothers. The 53 patients followed for 36 months required re-admission on average 6-8 times. The spectrum of diseases occurring in the 198 cases, at time of presentation, review or re-admission were acute gastroenteritis in 192 (97.0%), failure to thrive with severe malnutrition in 172 (86.8%), oropharyngeal candiadiasis 81 (41.0%), pneumonias in 66 (33.3%), pulmonary tuberculosis in 43 (21.7%); anemia in 36 (18.1%), suppurative otitis media in 32 (16.1%); cancrum oris in 31 (15.6%), malaria in 28 (14.1%), papular skin eruption in 16 (8.1%), C.N.S. diseases 9 (4.5%), measles in 8 (4.0%), Kaposi's Sarcoma 6 (3.0%). Eighty-two out of 198 died (41.4%), 39 (19.6%) died during the first admission, and of the 53 followed for 36 months 41 are dead. CONCLUSION: Pediatric HIV Disease carries very high morbidity and mortality, with very low survival rate; it presents with a multiplicity of severe systemic infections, acute diarrheal disorder, and malnutrition.

Candidiasis/COMPLICATIONS/MORTALITY Child Child, Preschool Female Gastroenteritis/COMPLICATIONS/MORTALITY Human HIV Antibodies/IMMUNOLOGY HIV Seropositivity/DIAGNOSIS Infant Male Morbidity Pneumonia/COMPLICATIONS/MORTALITY Prospective Studies Sarcoma, Kaposi's/ETIOLOGY/MORTALITY ABSTRACT