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Teen Says She Was Fired Due to HIV

September 2, 2001
SCHOFIELD, Wis. -- A 16-year-old girl who was born with the HIV virus has filed a discrimination complaint against her first employer alleging she was fired because of her illness.

Korrin Krause worked only one day as a grocery bagger at Quality Foods IGA before the manager called her mother to verify she had HIV and said she no longer had a job, Krause alleges.

"I broke down and cried," she said. "I'm an innocent kid trying to live her life."

The store's lawyer, Thomas Crone, did not immediately return messages left at his home and office by The Associated Press on Sunday.

Krause said she was fired in February and later filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which bars employers from asking about a worker's HIV status or discriminating against them because of it.

A commission official concluded in May there was reasonable cause to believe a violation had occurred, invited both sides to work on a settlement and said compensatory and punitive damages would be considered.

"The idea that this young woman could possibly transmit the virus by bagging groceries is ridiculous," said Korrin's lawyer, Christopher Krimmer.