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Incidence of campylobacteriosis among patients with AIDS in Los Angeles County.
Sorvillo FJ; Lieb LE; Waterman SH; County of Los Angeles Department of
August 30, 1991
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 1991;4(6):598-602. Unique Identifier :

The incidence and characteristics of campylobacteriosis among patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) in Los Angeles County were assessed by matching the Campylobacter and AIDS surveillance reporting registries for the years 1983-1987. Campylobacter infection was reported in 29 (0.7%) of 4,433 AIDS cases. The average annual incidence of Campylobacter among AIDS cases (519/100,000) exceeded the crude population rate by 39-fold and exceeded the rate among males aged 15-55 years by 35-fold. Campylobacter infection was more common in female AIDS patients than male patients (p = 0.065). A distinct seasonal variation was noted with peaks occurring in July and November. The median survival time for AIDS patients with Campylobacter (14 months) was lower than that for AIDS patients without Campylobacter (21 months); however, we were not able to assess potential confounders such as subsequent opportunistic infections or antiviral therapy and prophylactic regiment to validate this finding. Campylobacter cases with AIDS had higher rates of bacteremia and hospitalization than Campylobacter cases without AIDS. Attempts should be made to elucidate the sources of Campylobacter and other enteric infections among AIDS patients.

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