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[No HCV seroconversion in hemophilia following substitution with virus-inactivated coagulation factor VIII and IX concentrates]
Perret BA; Morell A; Butler-Brunner E; Burckhardt JJ;
February 28, 1992
Schweiz Med Wochenschr. 1991 Nov 2;121(44):1621-3. Unique Identifier :

Since 1986 the factor VIII and IX concentrates of the Central Laboratory, Swiss Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service have been virus inactivated with tri-(n-butyl) phosphate and Tween 80. Clinical studies had shown that both preparations were well tolerated and hemostatically effective; no HIV infection was transmitted. However, safety from transmission of non-A/non-B hepatitis could not be shown since the study included no previously untreated patients. In the meantime, a laboratory test has become available which allows retrospective testing for anti-hepatitis C antibodies in frozen sera of the study patients. 5 of the 26 patients, observed during a 2-year follow-up study, had no HCV antibodies before entering the long-term trial. During this trial, each of these 5 patients substituted an average quantity of 40,200 coagulation factor units (7500-69,000) from 45 production lots. None of these 5 patients developed anti-HCV antibodies, nor did any of them show clinical signs of infection with hepatitis. This suggests that virus inactivation using solvent/detergent treatment reduces the risk of transmission of HCV.

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