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Interleukin-6 and retroperitoneal fibromatosis from SRV-2-infected macaques with simian AIDS.
Roodman ST; Woon MD; Hoffmann JW; Theodorakis P; Tsai CC; Wu HN; Tsai
February 28, 1992
J Med Primatol. 1991 Jun;20(4):201-5. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

We investigated the role of Interleukin-6 (IL-6) as an autocrine growth factor for the retroperitoneal fibromatosis (RF) cells present in macaques infected with the simian retrovirus type 2 (SRV-2). Elevated levels of IL-6 were found in serum of SRV-2 antibody-positive macaques, ascites from RF-positive animals, and RF cell line culture media. IL-6 mRNA levels increased approximately five-fold in RF cells incubated with exogenous SRV-2. In RF cells, SRV-2 functions to increase IL-6 mRNA and protein production and presumably serves as autocrine growth factor.

Animal Cell Line Culture Media Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Fibroma/*COMPLICATIONS Immunohistochemistry Interleukin-6/*ANALYSIS/BLOOD/GENETICS Macaca nemestrina Polymerase Chain Reaction Retroperitoneal Neoplasms/*COMPLICATIONS Retroviruses Type D, Simian/*IMMUNOLOGY RNA, Messenger/ANALYSIS Simian Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/*COMPLICATIONS Support, U.S. Gov't, P.H.S. JOURNAL ARTICLE