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AIDS: fear of contagion among nurses.
Walsh G
October 30, 1992
Br J Nurs. 1992 May 14-27;1(2):66-8, 70-1. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

The current moral panic about HIV/AIDS and the theories of deviance that go with it are not a new phenomenon. People expect nurses to know all about HIV/AIDS, but many experience the same fears and ignorance as the public. Empathy is crucial in the nurse/patient relationship and unfavourable attitudes lead to less than optimal care. There is a need to cultivate non-judgmental attitudes towards the care of people infected with HIV. This requires systematic and sensitive educational programmes. As most patients are nursed at home, it is the responsibility of the Government and educational bodies to strengthen the knowledge base of community nurses. The WHO's global programme on AIDS emphasizes the scope of education and promotes worldwide exchange of information and non-discriminatory policies.

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