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Champagne MA; Klasa RJ; Gascoyne R; Connors JM; British Columbia Cancer
October 30, 1992
Proc Annu Meet Am Soc Clin Oncol; 11:A1115 1992. Unique Identifier :

From 7/87 to 6/91, 15 patients (pts), 12 males and 3 females, with Ki-1-positive LCL were identified. Median age at presentation was 41 yr (21-75). Ann Arbor Stages were I (3), II (2), III (4) or IV (6); 11 pts had B symptoms. Eight pts had bulky (greater than 10 cm) disease. Two pts had serum LDH greater than twice normal. Only 3 pts had disease limited to nodal sites. Most common sites of extranodal disease were soft tissue (6) and skin (3). None were HIV or HTLV-1 antibody positive. Immunophenotyping revealed 4 T-cell, 3 B-cell and 8 undefined LCL: all expressed Ki-1 (Ber-H2). Pts were treated with resection alone if LCL was limited to the skin (2), radiotherapy (RT; 1), multiagent chemotherapy, VACOP-B (9) if less than 67 yr or protocols for elderly if older (2), or combination of chemo-RT (1). Complete response was obtained in 11 pts (73%), of which 2 recurred (13%). One then had high-dose chemotherapy and autologous BMT, remaining in remission since. One died without evidence of LCL. Two achieved partial remission, 1 rendered disease-free after additional RT. Four pts (27%) have died for an overall 4-yr survival of 73% with a median follow-up of 19 mo. Two pts with small localized skin presentation have remained disease-free after resection only. In our experience, Ki-1 + LCL more frequently presents with bulky disease and extranodal extension, but has a prognosis at least as good as other large cell lymphomas similarly treated at our institution.

Aged Antigens, CD/*ANALYSIS Antigens, Neoplasm/*ANALYSIS Bleomycin/THERAPEUTIC USE Bone Marrow Transplantation Combined Modality Therapy Cyclophosphamide/THERAPEUTIC USE Doxorubicin/THERAPEUTIC USE Etoposide/THERAPEUTIC USE Female Human Lymphatic Metastasis Lymphoma, Large-Cell/DRUG THERAPY/*IMMUNOLOGY/RADIOTHERAPY/ SURGERY Male Middle Age Prednisone/THERAPEUTIC USE Vincristine/THERAPEUTIC USE ABSTRACT