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Neutralization of HIV-1 by anti-idiotypes to monoclonal anti-CD4. Potential for idiotype immunization against HIV.
Sutor GC; Dreikhausen U; Vahning U; Jurkiewicz E; Hunsmann G; Lundin K;
November 30, 1992
J Immunol. 1992 Aug 15;149(4):1452-61. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

Anti-idiotypic antibodies were raised in rabbits against a panel of 11 murine mAb directed to the human CD4 receptor. Selection of mAb for vaccination was based on inhibition studies demonstrating that these mAb recognized CD4/V1 epitopes implicated in HIV-1-gp120 binding. Purified antisera showed high titer anti-Id activity and reacted specifically with Ag-combining site-related Id of the mAb used for their generation. Anti-Id either detected a private Id of the immunizing mAb or displayed a partial cross-reactivity with Id of other mAb to CD4. Eight anti-Id to six different mAb were shown to recognize determinants of recombinant HIV-1-gp120 or of HIV-1-gp160 as shown by ELISA and radioimmunoprecipitation assay. These anti-Id were capable of inhibiting HIV infection up to 100% in a MT-4 cell assay in vitro. In addition to neutralizing infectivity of cell-free virus, anti-Id to two mAb--the mAb IOT4a and 7.3F11--were also shown to inhibit HIV-induced syncytia formation up to 100%. Anti-Id to the mAb IOT4a, 7.3F11, and to the mAb anti-Leu3a interfered with rgp120 binding to cellular CD4 as assessed by flow cytometry. These results demonstrated that mAb specific for both CDR2- and CDR3-like regions of CD4 were capable of inducing HIV-1-gp120 cross-reacting anti-Id neutralizing HIV-1 in vitro. These studies may have implications for the development of a gp120 internal image based vaccine against HIV.

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