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Clinical applications of cytometry: 6th annual meeting.
Giorgi JV; Hurtubise PE; Cram LS; Parker JW; La Via MF; Department of
December 30, 1992
Cytometry. 1992;13(4):445-7. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE MED/92405627

The Sixth Annual Clinical Applications of Cytometry Meeting was held September 11-14, 1991, in Charleston, SC. Attendance reached a record 470. The meeting provides a forum for interactions among investigators who utilize cytometry as a tool in their clinical immunology, cell biology, hematology, and cancer investigations. Clinical laboratory directors and their technical staff find the meeting of practical value because of the presentation of new applications that they can take home to their own laboratories. The emphasis of the meeting is on advances in the application of cytometry to clinical problems. Often, advances result from new dyes or reagents or improved instrumentation. Sometimes they result from advances in biology that make the studies possible. Occasionally a new way of looking at the same data provides a useful answer. In every case, the effort is to provide a reliable, straightforward way to quantitate biologic information in order to provide improved diagnosis or treatment of human disease.

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