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Psoriasis and HIV infection.
Carminati G; Muratori S; Tarantini G; Zerboni R; Alessi E; STD Center,
December 30, 1992
Int Conf AIDS. 1992 Jul 19-24;8(3):64 (abstract no. PuB 7092). Unique

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the prevalence, the clinical presentation and the response to therapy of psoriasis in HIV positive patients. METHODS: Three control groups were considered to establish the prevalence of psoriasis: 723 HIV seropositive patients seen at our STD center in 1991, 500 HIV seronegative patients seen at our STD center in 1991, and 1200 patients seen at the medical office of a general practitioner. Eighteen cases of psoriasis among our 723 HIV seropositive patients and twelve additional cases observed for dermatological consultation were considered for clinical and therapeutical evaluation. RESULTS: The prevalence was 2.5% in the first group, 0.8% in the second and 0.4% in the third. The disease manifested before seroconversion in 5 patients, during seroconversion in 1 and after seroconversion in 12. Clinically, a marked involvement of the face and/or main folds was observed in 6 cases and unusual exudative aspects in two patients. In all patients, a poor response to therapy was observed. CONCLUSIONS: The psoriasis is more frequent in HIV seropositive patients and, particularly, in i.v. drug abusers. Contrary to the data reported in the literature, the clinical manifestations of HIV seropositive patients are more serious compared to whose of HIV seronegative patients. The therapy of HIV-associated psoriasis is very difficult and traditional treatments seem to have a poor response.