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AZT thymomoduline & lithium carbonate for HIV patients.
Bouchovsky G; Popescu B; Corrales JL; Esvlvel G; Palma D; Sorretino C;
December 30, 1992
Int Conf AIDS. 1992 Jul 19-24;8(3):60 (abstract no. PuB 7067). Unique

OBJECT: AZT has increased the surviving period for AIDS patients, their life-style has improved, and the opportunistic infections are less frequent. However, side-effects are still emerging; leukopenia, (30-50%) it's one of the most important manifestations. We added two other drugs to AZT, both immunomodulating action; Thymomoduline which activates T-Lymphocytes and Lithium Carbonate which stimulates Granulocytic Colony Forming Units. (CM-SCF) to stop myelosuppression. METHODS: Eleven (11p) patients were enrolled in this protocol. All were HIV positive, mean age was 35 years, they were all males. There were 9 (nine) Homosexuals, 1 (one) Hemophilic and 1 (one) Heterosexual. Eight (8) had AIDS, two (2) Demencial Complex, and one (1) L.A.S. All patients suffered a fall in their CD4 count (less than 400/mm3. AZT was given to the patients, with a dose of 500-1200 mg/day, Thymomoduline 20 mg/day and Lithium Carbonate 900 mg/day. RESULTS: Two (2) patients died, all the nine remaining patients are still under treatment, they all have a better life-style, weight gaining, less opportunistic infection episodes, and half of them returned to work. Two (2) patients showed an important fall (decrease) in their white cell (W.C) count (18%). Another patient, who had Leukopenia improved after treatment. Leukocyte count increased (count was above 5000/mm3. Three other are still alive (a 2 year surviving period). Overall, they all improved their CD4 count. COMMENT: Many working groups are trying to combine Antiviral drugs and immunomodulating ones. Leukopenia is a frequent side-effect, when AZT is administer. Thus we consider that treatment should include a combination of Thymomoduline and Lithium Carbonate which have immunostimulating effects, decrease Myelosuppression; this was shown by our working group.

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