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Helicobacter pylori infection in HIV positive patients of northeastern Italy.
Merighi A; Bicocchi R; Libanore M; Scagliarini R; Bisi G; Pazzi P;
December 30, 1992
Int Conf AIDS. 1992 Jul 19-24;8(3):55 (abstract no. PuB 7041). Unique

Patients infected with HIV show elevated prevalence of upper gastrointestinal symptoms associated to infections and hypochlorhydia. Conflicting data are reported in the literature about the relationship between HIV infection and helicobacter pylori (HP) infection. OBJECTIVE: To assess the prevalence of HP infection in HIV positive patients of a Northeastern italian area and correlate it with endoscopic, histological and clinical findings. METHODS: Forty-eight patients infected with HIV and seventy-five HIV negative (control group) were submitted to upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. Multiple antral biopsies were collected to evaluate the presence of histological gastritis and HP.HIV positive patients were 35 males and 13 females of mean age 30.2 +/- 6 yrs (range 22-48); 25 II degrees stage, 6 IVa, 17 IV C1 (according CDC criteria). RESULTS: HP was positive in histological sections of gastric mucosa in 9/48 (19%) of HIV positive patients and 26/75 (35%) of control group (chi 2 = 2.902 P = 0.088). Histological abnormalities of gastric antrum: no difference was observed between two groups. HIV positive patients (without AIDS) show low prevalence of HP(2/25; 8%) respect to other (7/23; 30%) P N.S. HP was observed in 3/18 HIV positive with upper gastrointestinal opportunistic infections and in 6/30 HIV positive without opportunistic infections. Active gastritis was always associated to HP presence in both groups (HIV positive and negative). CONCLUSIONS: Our preliminary study suggests low prevalence of HP infection in patients infected with HIV although further studies are necessary for definitive conclusions.

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