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Biological and molecular heterogeneity of the HIV-1 isolated in the presence or absence of CD8+ cells.
Tateno Y; Tateno M; Yoshiki T; Togashi T; Dept. of Pediatrics, Hokkaido
December 30, 1992
Int Conf AIDS. 1992 Jul 19-24;8(3):40 (abstract no. PuA 6174). Unique

OBJECTIVES: Biological and molecular comparison of the paired isolates of HIV-1 from whole peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PMC) or CD8+ cells depleted PMC of the same individual. METHODS: A single blood sample from 5 asymptomatic carriers (AC) and from one AIDS patient was divided into two. One was cocultivated with PHA-stimulated normal PMC (method A), and the other was depleted CD8+ cells, followed by the same cocultivation as method A (method B). The paired HIV-1 isolates by method A and B were biologically and molecularly compared. RESULTS: Four out of 5 AC individuals showed differences by southern blot analysis in paired isolates by method A and B and two paired isolates of them had different sensitivities to neutralizing sera. Two pairs of isolates from one AC individuals whose laboratory data were worse than others and from one AIDS patient showed no distinct differences in molecular analysis. Moreover, they showed decreased sensitivity to neutralizing sera. CONCLUSIONS: The collect evidence suggests that AC individuals have more than one subtype of HIV-1 in vivo, and some of them are sensitive and some one are resistant to antiviral effect of CD8+ cells. As the disease progresses, only subtypes of HIV-1 which is resistant to anti-viral effect of CD8+ cells are tended to be isolated. Alternatively, antiviral effect of CD8+ cells may decrease as the disease progresses.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/IMMUNOLOGY/*MICROBIOLOGY Antigens, CD8/*IMMUNOLOGY Blotting, Southern Human HIV Seropositivity/IMMUNOLOGY/*MICROBIOLOGY HIV-1/GENETICS/*ISOLATION & PURIF Lymphocyte Depletion Lymphocyte Transformation Lymphocytes/*IMMUNOLOGY Neutralization Tests ABSTRACT