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AIDS orphans: a global and coherent approach, pilot and model projects.
du Boisrouvray A
December 30, 1992
Int Conf AIDS. 1992 Jul 19-24;8(2):D413 (abstract no. PoD 5157). Unique

ISSUE/PROBLEM: The epidemic is spreading, in its wake making orphans of an ever-growing number of AIDS-afflicted children and reserving the same fate for HIV-infected children. These children are often left to tend for themselves, the surviving family situation being unable to take them in. The Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Association (herein FXBA) aims to fill the void by improving the quality of life and providing the family tender loving care these children require. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The FXBA has created forms of assistance or Home accommodation tailored to meet local needs in Washington (USA), Uganda, Switzerland, Thailand and India. These model pilot structures are effective only if adequate, detailed information is provided on an international level. This is why the FXBA sponsors the Global AIDS Policy Coalition, created and coordinated by Dr. Jonathan Mann. For the time being, FXBA is the sole sponsor of GAPC. The Francois-Xavier Bagnoud International Pediatric Training Programme has been set up at the New Jersey Childrens Hospital along with the FXB CHAIR to allow medical staff caring for HIV-infected children for all over the world, to better grasp their situation and meet their needs. RESULTS: This global approach together with the various structures set up, whether training or activities in the field, have enabled all the parties concerned to share their experience. An exchange of this sort should lay the ground for a more suitable, continent-tailored approach to the problem of how best to assist AIDS orphans. LESSON LEARNED: The procedure thus applied by the FXBA is consistent and could serve as a role model for other organizations. Indeed, the FXBA is the only organization working on behalf of AIDS orphans in all areas: information, prevention, training, research and activities like sheltering, children's rights and child's prostitution.

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