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Adult attachments and sexuality: implications for understanding risk behaviours for HIV infection.
Feeney JA; Raphael B; National Centre for HIV Social Research,
January 30, 1993
Aust N Z J Psychiatry. 1992 Sep;26(3):399-407. Unique Identifier :

In response to the AIDS epidemic, there has been an intensification of interest in human sexuality research in general and safe sex practices in particular. Most research models have been somewhat mechanistic in focus, however, with little recognition of the significance of affectional needs in the formation and maintenance of sexual relationships. In this paper we propose that relationship issues are central to an understanding of the expression of sexuality, and that attachment theory provides a useful perspective on human sexual bonds. It is suggested that future research could usefully extend the conceptualisation of adult attachment styles by exploring the meaning of attachment relationships for gay and heterosexual couples, and the implications of attachment style for the behaviours associated with sexual relationships, including the negotiation of safe sex practices. Such research would have direct relevance for prevention programs relevant to HIV/AIDS.

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