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Continuous infusion (CI) bleomycin in AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) (Meeting abstract).
Reddy M; Remick S; Herman D; Willis K; Grace C; McSharry J; Horton J;
July 30, 1993
Proc Annu Meet Am Assoc Cancer Res; 34:A1118 1993. Unique Identifier :

Bleomycin is an active drug in KS, is cell-cycle phase-specific, and has a short terminal half-life, characteristics which make it suitable for CI. We administered 20 mg/m2/day as a 24-hr CI for 3 days to 17 patients (pts) with AIDS-related KS. All pts had biopsy-proven KS and measurable disease. Nine pts (53%) had bronchoscopically proven KS, and only 2 pts had received prior cytotoxic chemotherapy. A total of 53 cycles were administered. Toxicity was limited. There were 12 episodes of grade 3 and 1 episode of grade 4 neutropenia, no significant thrombocytopenia, and no episodes of febrile neutropenia. There were 5 infectious complications including a life-threatening episode of Clostridium septicemia. Of the first 15 pts treated, 5 partial remissions (33%) were observed using ECOG criteria and 8 pts (53%) responded by ACTG criteria (JCO 7:1201, 1989). Bleomycin by CI is active in pts with advanced AIDS-related KS with modest myelosuppression.

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