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AIDS education: the SMAHEC (Southeastern Massachusetts Area Health Education Center) experience.
McPartland PA; Southeastern Massachusetts Area Health Education Center,
September 30, 1993
J Healthc Educ Train. 1993;7(2):8-10. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

Massachusetts ranks 10th in the nation in numbers of reported AIDS cases. The state had 3,877 AIDS cases reported through June 1991. The Southeastern Massachusetts region consisting of 70 cities and towns totaling approximately 1,735 square miles has the second highest incidence of HIV infection of regions in the state. Total cumulative cases of full-blown AIDS in the region have numbered 406, approximately 14 percent of the state total. This article describes the experience of Southeastern Massachusetts Area Health Education Center, Inc. (SMAHEC) in implementing AIDS educational efforts.

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