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Mexico social program for AIDS prevention.
Ornelas G; Guillermo S
November 30, 1993
Int Conf AIDS. 1993 Jun 6-11;9(2):906 (abstract no. PO-D24-4133). Unique

It would seem twelve years experience with AIDS has not been enough to evoke a united response effective enough to curb the problem worldwide. Continual friction between governmental and non-governmental programs, as well as internal divisions have eroded stamina dispersing efforts, proving then insufficient. Financing must be conditioned to programs integrating government NGO and private enterprise and programs must be self-sustaining. The fight for human rights must come, not just from aggressive public demands, but from internal respect and tolerance within the ever growing community fighting AIDS. This includes political discrepancy, racial difference, sexual preference, social stance, religious beliefs or reference to governmental or non governmental programs. In Mexico we have integrated a Social Program against AIDS with voluntary participation of different groups and associations united in one cause: "The first against AIDS". Territorial internal fighting for personal or group recognition is avoided through the public ID of Social Program against for AIDS. Epidemiological projections determine priorities for financing. Private enterprise is invited to invest, in exchange for tax deduction and social recognition.

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