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Different approaches towards an HIV vaccine using SIV as a model.
Mehtall M; Aubertin AM; Bayer C; Venet A; Riviere Y; Kieny MP; TRANSGENE
November 30, 1993
Int Conf AIDS. 1993 Jun 6-11;9(1):39 (abstract no. WS-A23-1). Unique

In an attempt to develop an experimental AIDS vaccine, we have used the SIV/macaque model system to evaluate various vaccine preparations: attenuated live SIV's: various genes were precisely deleted from the infectious SIVmm251 genome (BK28 molecular clone) and the in vitro growth kinetics of the mutants were tested in several cell types. Nef, vpx and vif single mutants, and nef-vif, nefvpx double mutants were chosen for in vivo experiments; -- live recombinant vaccines: recombinant vaccinia viruses (VV) expressing gp140 env or gag, pol and env were used as live vaccines to prime the immune system; --purified pseudoparticles: VV(gag-pol-env) was used to produce SIV pseudoparticles for a subunit vaccine; --purified recombinant proteins: gp140 env, p16 gag, p26 gag, vpx, and RT were produced from mammalian cells, E. coli or insect cells and used in combination, either for the complete course of vaccination, or after primary immunization with the live VVs. These prototype vaccines were injected into rhesus macaques. The immune response generated in the animals and the results from the challenge experiments with the molecular clone will be discussed.