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Itraconazole solution in patients with non-response to fluconazole.
Ganger G; Just-Nubling G; Eichel M; Hoika R; Stille W; J.W.
November 30, 1993
Int Conf AIDS. 1993 Jun 6-11;9(1):368 (abstract no. PO-B09-1394). Unique

OBJECTIVE: Clinical response of treatment with itraconazole solution in AIDS patients with oral candidiasis who failed to fluconazole treatment. Initial successful therapy with itraconazole was followed by long-term suppressive treatment. METHODS: Between 06/90 and 01/93 30 AIDS patients with clinical non-response to high-dose fluconazole therapy were treated with itraconazole in an open study with control of itraconazole serum levels. RESULTS: 28 of 30 patients were given 200-400mg itraconazole/d, 2 of 30 patients 600-800 mg Itraconazol/d. Duration of treatment was 12-237 days (mean 66 days). 25 of 30 patients had clinical response, 5 of 30 patients had initial response and relapse before death. Serum levels of itraconazole had individual variability and poor correlation to clinical response. CONCLUSION: Itraconazole solution is an effective therapy in patients non response to fluconazole.

*Antifungal Agents/THERAPEUTIC USE *AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections/DRUG THERAPY *Candidiasis, Oral/DRUG THERAPY *Ketoconazole/ANALOGS & DERIVATIVES