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A study of male persons presenting with urethral discharge to the Central STD Clinic Colombo.
Buddhakorala K; Central STD Clinic Colombo.
November 30, 1993
Int Conf AIDS. 1993 Jun 6-11;9(1):328 (abstract no. PO-B07-1157). Unique

OBJECTIVES: To describe certain socio-demographic variables, the type of treatment they had prior to attending the Central STD Clinic, and the reasons for them to select this clinic for treatment. DESIGN: Analysis of cross-sectional questionnaire data from 285 patients presenting with urethral discharge during the period of 19 Mar to 15 May 1990. METHODS: Descriptive analysis was done on the demographic data and the epidemiological findings. RESULTS: Unmarried young patients formed the majority 63% of the group. Self treatment for STD problems 1% was not a conspicuous factor. In finding out the reasons for them to come to STD clinic, namely medical advice 23% confidence about STD clinic 32%, and friend's advice 39% were observed. Gonorrhoea 52% was the most common infection. CONCLUSIONS: Peer group influence was very much observed and the necessity of a programme between the physicians in the private sector and the authorities of the STD control programme in Sri Lanka was highlighted in the study.

*Ambulatory Care Facilities/UTILIZATION *Urethritis/EPIDEMIOLOGY