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Pyomyositis in HIV infection.
Vilades C; Vidal F; Rivas I; Peraire JJ; Garcia-Queralt R; Richart C;
November 30, 1993
Int Conf AIDS. 1993 Jun 6-11;9(1):318 (abstract no. PO-B06-1098). Unique

BACKGROUND: To evaluate clinical aspects of pyomyositis in patients infected by HIV. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In a group of 100 patients with AIDS (CDC, 1987), 4 cases of pyomyositis were detected. All were male, spaniards, 3 were intravenous drug users and 1 was homosexual. Blood cultures and aspiration of the pus from the abscess were performed in all patients. In 3 of them CT scan was performed, being the other diagnosed by ultrasonography. RESULTS: Main clinical data of the patients are reported in the table. A 4% of the patients with AIDS controlled in our hospital developed pyomyositis as a complication. During the period of the study (1986-1992), any case of pyomyositis in patients non infected by HIV was diagnosed. TABULAR DATA, SEE ABSTRACT VOLUME. CONCLUSIONS: Patients with HIV disease in advanced stage represent a risk group to develop pyomyositis. CT scan is a sensitive diagnostic tool. Treatment should include a combination of antimicrobial drugs and aspiration/surgical drainage.

*AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections/EPIDEMIOLOGY *HIV Infections/COMPLICATIONS *Myositis/COMPLICATIONS