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Herpes zoster as predictor of HIV diseases among IDUs in Manipur, India.
Panda S; Sarkar S; Mitra D; Sarkar K; Tripathy SP; Mandal BK; ICMR Unit
November 30, 1993
Int Conf AIDS. 1993 Jun 6-11;9(1):303 (abstract no. PO-B04-1006). Unique

Specific opportunistic infections among HIV positive persons often cluster in specific geographic area and risk group concerned. Unlike other parts of India the epidemic of HIV is mainly concentrated among IDUs in Manipur, a state bordering Myanmar. It is estimated that there will be approximate 10,000 HIV +ve IDUs between 15-35 yr in the State where the epidemic has started in 1990. Fifty percent of the IDUs are positive for HIV and account for largest number of clinical cases in India at present. This study presents the positive predictive value of different clinical signs and symptoms among HIV +ve IDUs. Seventy-five HIV +ve and -ve age matched IDU, registered for a clinical cohort study were followed for one year. Clinical examination and supportive laboratory investigations were carried out for all possible opportunistic infection. The result shows that in comparison with the HIV -ve individual Herpes Zoster had a positive predictive value of 100% for HIV condition. The same rate was respectively 88.4%, 70%, 75%, and 98%, for cervical lymphadenopathy, wt loss < 10%, wt loss > 10% and pruritus of unknown aetiology. Recently there has been two fold rise of Herpes Zoster cases among 15-35 yrs of patients attending the hospital O.P.D. in the state capital. The details will be presented.

*AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections/EPIDEMIOLOGY *Herpes Zoster/COMPLICATIONS *Herpes Zoster/EPIDEMIOLOGY *Substance Abuse, Intravenous/COMPLICATIONS