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Human B and T cell response to the HLA like epitopes of the HIV-1 gp120 C5 region.
Beretta A; Rappocciolo G; Lopalco L; DeSantis C; Longhi R; Siccardi AG;
November 30, 1993
Int Conf AIDS. 1993 Jun 6-11;9(1):29 (abstract no. WS-A13-1). Unique

We have investigated the human antibody and T cell response to the C5 region of HIV-1 gp120. Synthetic peptides containing two amino acid regions previously identified as antigenically homologous to the a-1 domain of HLA C antigens were used to absorb HLA cross-reactive serum antibodies from HIV infected individuals and to stimulate peripheral lymphocytes from normal HIV negative individuals. Results obtained with immunoaffinity purified antibody fractions indicated that the totality of the antibody response to the C5 region, including specific antibodies to the previously described immunodominant C terminus peptide, are cross-reactive to HLA class I C heavy chains which are expressed only at the surface of activated cells. No antibodies to a sequence of nine aa (IEPLGVAPT) containing potentially neutralizable residues could be detected. Peripheral T cells from normal HIV negative donors showed proliferative responses to the HLA like gp120 peptides in primary cultures showing, as expected on the basis of the immune reactivity to MHC antigens, a high frequency of precursor T cells to this gp120 region. T cell lines and clones generated against the gp120 peptides could recognize specifically both the gp120 and the HLA peptides showing that the antigenic mimicry of the two regions plays a role both at the B cell and T cell level.

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