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Long term survival of HIV infected men and women with CD4 counts under 50.
Angus B; Fisher A; Vigilante K; Jesdale B; Flanigan T; Carpenter CC;
November 30, 1993
Int Conf AIDS. 1993 Jun 6-11;9(1):284 (abstract no. PO-B01-0896). Unique

Increasing numbers of persons are living with CD4 counts < 50. Previous cohort studies in men, demonstrated that the median survival of patients after CD4 cell count < 50 was 12 months. OBJECTIVE: Examine the mean survival time and long term course of HIV infection in men and women with CD4 counts < 50. METHODS: Retrospective chart review of 49 HIV+ men and 46 HIV+ women who had a CD4 count < 50 between 1988-1992. RESULTS: 23 men and 23 women are now deceased. Among 46 individuals that have died, the mean survival time after the first CD4 count < 50 was 16.9 months SD +/- 11). Among 49 individuals who are alive in 1993 the mean survival is 17.5 months (SD +/- 13). The mean survival among women was 20 (SD +/- 12) months compared to 14 (SD +/- 8) months in men (p = .05) as of 1993. Opportunistic infections were similar between men and women except for more Candida mucositis in women and KS in men. CONCLUSION: Individuals with CD4 counts under 50 are now living longer than previously described in the literature. Further study is required to investigate the survival difference between men and women in this cohort.

*CD4-Positive T-Lymphocytes *HIV Infections/BLOOD *HIV Infections/MORTALITY