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Modified orthodontic treatment goals in a patient with multiple complicating factors.
Williams BJ; Department of Dental Medicine, Children's Hospital and
December 30, 1993
Spec Care Dentist. 1992 Nov-Dec;12(6):251-4. Unique Identifier :

This paper reviews orthodontic care in patients who are in nontraditional categories. Specific orthodontic management of a patient who had severe hemophilia, seropositivity for anti-HIV Ab, and Hepatitis B surface antigen is reviewed. The importance of defining acceptable treatment goals in these patients is of paramount importance.

Adolescence Case Report *Dental Care for Disabled Goals Hemophilia/*COMPLICATIONS Hepatitis Antibodies/BLOOD Hepatitis B/COMPLICATIONS Hepatitis B Surface Antigens Human HIV Seropositivity/COMPLICATIONS Male Malocclusion/COMPLICATIONS/*THERAPY Orthodontic Brackets Orthodontics, Corrective/*METHODS Patient Care Planning Process Assessment (Health Care) JOURNAL ARTICLE