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NIAID research priorities in tuberculosis.
Rosenberg ZF; National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,
July 30, 1994
Symp Nonhum Primate Models AIDS. 1993 Sep 19-22;11:abstract no. 40.

After decades of steady decline, the number of cases of tuberculosis in the U.S. has risen 20% between 1985 and 1992. In addition, the percentage of tuberculosis cases that are resistant to standard therapies is also increasing. The growth of the AIDS epidemic with significant numbers of immunocompromised, HIV-infected individuals is an important factor in the changing face of TB in the U.S. In addition, social circumstances that have led to increases in poverty, homelessness, and substance abuse, and increasing tuberculosis infections in immigrants from countries endemic for TB have played a role. The epidemic problem of TB is compounded by years of decline in basic and clinical research on TB. The increase in the incidence of tuberculosis in the U.S. combined with the emergence of multi-drug resistant (MDR)-TB underscore the need for increased research on all aspects of TB including epidemiology and natural history, basic research on the biology and pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tb.), diagnostics development, drug development, vaccine development, training, and education. This presentation will focus on the basic research that is needed to combat the reemergence of TB and MDR-TB. Research problems that will be discussed include: the need for better understanding of the natural history of TB in HIV-infected individuals; the lack of basic knowledge on the biology of M. tb.; reliability of TB diagnostic tests in immunocompromised individuals; the speed of diagnosis of TB and MDR-TB in the general population; the duration of therapy for drug-sensitive TB; the need for new drugs for MDR-TB; prevention of TB in individuals who are HIV+; the development of an effective TB vaccine; and the critical need for the training of researchers in the area of TB.

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