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[HIV-associated parotid cysts]
Rosanowski F; Walther EK; Rockstroh J; Huck P; Oldenburg J;
September 30, 1994
Laryngorhinootologie. 1994 Apr;73(4):215-8. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

20 seropositive HIV patients were examined for the detection of parotid cysts by means of B-mode sonography. In three cases bilateral cysts were found, in three cases unilateral. Only one patient showed clinical symptoms with a bilateral and painless parotideal mass. The cysts were 0.32 to 3.8 cm in diameter. No correlation could be found, neither to the CDC-classification (according to the Center for Disease Control) nor to different HIV-related lesions. Pathogenesis, diagnostic procedure, and clinical relevance of this new entity are discussed. HIV-seropositive patients should be examined sonographically for detection of parotid cysts as indicators for early manifestation of a HIV infection. It is recommended that in patients having cervical sonography for any reasons, a hidden HIV-infection should be excluded once cystic parotideal lesions have been detected.

Adult Diagnosis, Differential English Abstract Female Human Hyperplasia HIV Infections/*ULTRASONOGRAPHY Lymph Nodes/PATHOLOGY/ULTRASONOGRAPHY Lymphocele/*ULTRASONOGRAPHY Male Middle Age Parotid Diseases/*ULTRASONOGRAPHY Parotid Neoplasms/ULTRASONOGRAPHY JOURNAL ARTICLE