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[Interferon and blood tumor necrosis factor in 95 patients with HIV infection]
Constans J; Pellegrin JL; Pellegrin I; Peuchant E; Dumon MF; Sergeant C;
September 30, 1994
Rev Med Interne. 1993;14(10):1004. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

We have measured TNF-alpha and interferon alpha in 95 HIV positive patients and 20 healthy subjects. TNF-alpha was higher in the HIV+ patients (P = 0.0001) and was correlated to the CD4 cell count (P = 0.02) and cholesterol (negatively) (P = 0.04). Interferon-alpha was correlated to the wasting syndrome (P = 0.002), hypertriglyceridemia (P = 0.004) and haematocrit (P = 0.04).

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