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[Membrane fatty acids and blood antioxidants in 77 patients with HIV infection]
Constans J; Pellegrin JL; Peuchant E; Thomas MF; Dumon MF; Sergeant C;
September 30, 1994
Rev Med Interne. 1993;14(10):1003. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

We have measured the fatty acid (FA) composition of erythrocyte membranes and plasma anti-oxidants in HIV+ patients. Saturated FA are higher and poly-unsaturated FA lower than in controls (P = 0.02). Selenium (Se) is lower in patients less than 400 CD4 cells/mm3 (P = 0.002). Vitamin A is lower in the HIV+ regardless of the CD4 cell count. Se and vitamin A are correlated to nutritional markers (body mass index and albumin).

Antioxidants/*ANALYSIS English Abstract Erythrocyte Membrane/CHEMISTRY Fatty Acids/*BLOOD Human HIV Seropositivity/*BLOOD Selenium/BLOOD Vitamin A/BLOOD Vitamin E/BLOOD JOURNAL ARTICLE