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[Prognostic role of pregnancy on the course of HIV infection: a retrospective cohort study (1985-92)]
Morlat P; Hocke C; Chene G; Lasseur C; Dupon M; Monlun E; Bonnal F;
September 30, 1994
Rev Med Interne. 1993;14(10):1000. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

In a hospital-based cohort study of HIV-infected patients, we compare the progression of the disease (occurrence of CDC group IV, death, decline of CD4 below 200/mm3) between 55 women with delivery and 89 matched control HIV positive women with no history of pregnancy. After a mean follow-up of three years, no significant difference was observed between the two groups even after adjustment on prognostic variables.

Cohort Studies Comparative Study English Abstract Female Human HIV Infections/*PHYSIOPATHOLOGY Pregnancy Pregnancy Complications, Infectious/*PHYSIOPATHOLOGY Prognosis Retrospective Studies JOURNAL ARTICLE