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Inefficacy of ganciclovir in CMV retinitis and endocarditis. A case report.
Datta R; Dept. GU Medicine, Airedale General Hospital, Steeton, England.
December 30, 1994
Int Conf AIDS. 1994 Aug 7-12;10(2):142 (abstract no. PB0581). Unique

A 43 year old HIV positive homosexual man developed AIDS. He had pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP), which was treated and controlled by prophylactic pentamidine. During September 1992 he developed CMV retinitis of the left eye, and ganciclovir 350 mg twice a day was given for three weeks, followed by 400 mg daily for five days a week through Hickmond line. He developed Staphyllococcus aureus bacteraemia, which was controlled by flucloxacillin and imipenem. Whilst on ganciclovir he developed retinal detachment of the left eye after six months and CMV retinitis involved the right eye. Following this he developed the same bacteraemia twice and was controlled with imipenem on each occasion and his Hickman line was changed to the other side. He developed CMV endocarditis and died in December 1993. CMV retinitis progressed despite ganciclovir. CMV endocarditis was the cause of his death. This raises the issue of efficacy of intravenous ganciclovir and may support the use of intravitreal ganciclovir for CMV retinitis. Endocarditis would be inevitable depending on circumstances.

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