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Prospective study of HIV infection among parenteral drug abusers.
Cushman P Jr; Escobar M; Medical College of Virginia.
March 30, 1995
J Subst Abuse. 1989;1(4):461-5. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

Male heterosexual i.v. drug abusers in methadone maintenance treatment were surveyed for HIV disease and followed prospectively in Richmond, Virginia. Five of 50 (10%) had both positive ELISA and Western Blot antibodies initially, although none had other clinical manifestations. Forty-two (84%) were restudied 1 year later. None had developed clinical manifestations of HIV disease, or seroconverted from negative to positive. Thirty-nine Control i.v. drug abusers seeking methadone or inpatient detoxification showed a similar low seropositivity rate (3%), indicating that Richmond had low endemicity for HIV during the year. An unexpected finding in the followup of the 5 with initial seropositivity was that only 1 retained both ELISA and Western Blot positivity. The difference in serological reaction was unexplained.

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