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[Paraplegia associated with HTLV 1 in Martinique. Study of 271 cases including 70 with neuromuscular involvement]
Smadja D; Cabre P; Bellance R; Vernant JC; Service de neurologie,
April 30, 1995
Bull Soc Pathol Exot. 1993;86(5 Pt 2):433-8. Unique Identifier :

To date, 271 cases of HTLV1-associated paraplegia have been observed in Martinique (French West Indies). The clinical picture consisted mostly in a spastic paraparesis or paraplegia with sphincter disturbances (80%) and lower limbs pains (60%). The severity of the disease appeared variable: after a mean disease duration of 6.5 years, 40% of the patients could walk without help, 35% used a single crutch, and 25% used a couple of crutches or were confined to a wheelchair. A variable neuromuscular component was observed in 70 cases (25.4%). In 38 cases, the peripheral signs (SIGNS) or the myositis were only mild. In contrast, 25 patients presented with severe amyotrophy evoking amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and 7 other had features of dermatopolymyositis. Lastly, an extra-neural spreading of the disease was extremely frequent, including lymphocytic alveolitis (76%), sicca syndrome (69%) and more rarely uveitis, arthritis or vasculitis.

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