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Evaluation of a thicker condom for use as a prophylactic against HIV transmission.
Golombok S; Sheldon J; Clinical & Health Psychology Research Centre,
April 30, 1995
AIDS Educ Prev. 1994 Oct;6(5):454-8. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

In an evaluation of the breakage rate of a thicker condom when used for anal intercourse, one hundred and eight gay men volunteered to use condoms which were 30% thicker than standard condoms. Of the 772 condoms used, 14 broke during anal sex, representing a breakage rate of 1.8%. When one subject was removed from the sample because of inappropriate use of the condom, the overall breakage rate was 1.6%. This compares favorably with the breakage rates reported for condom use during anal sex in other investigations, and is similar to the breakage rate for condom use during vaginal intercourse.

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