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Recovery of T-lymphocytes for adoptive immunotherapy by lymphapheresis of HIV-infected patients without alterations of virological, immunological or clinical parameters.
van Lunzen J; Schmitz J; Dengler K; Schmidt L; Schmitz H; Dietrich M;
April 30, 1995
Br J Haematol. 1994 Sep;88(1):46-51. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

We performed repeated continuous flow cytaphereses (CFC) on 13 asymptomatic HIV-1-infected patients to study the feasibility of cell separation procedures to recover high yields of peripheral blood T-lymphocytes for adoptive immunotherapy in HIV-infected patients and to determine immunological and virological alterations following such procedures. A mean yield of 6.23 x 10(9) lymphocytes could be obtained by each cytapheresis, containing 1.82 x 10(9) CD4+, 3.23 x 10(9) CD8+ T-lymphocytes and 8.39 x 10(6) CD34+ peripheral progenitor cells. The CD4/CD8 ratio (mean 0.53, SD +/- 0.15) in the cell samples reflected the distribution of the lymphocyte subsets in vivo. Absolute lymphocyte counts decreased at a mean of 404/mm3 (25%) immediately after CFC but were replaced from the extravascular pool within 1 h. The CD4/CD8 ratios, p24-antigenaemia, HLA-DR expression and neopterin levels did not change significantly after cell separation. No alteration of the number of T-cells with integrated proviral DNA copies (1/10(3) to 1/10(6)) could be detected in peripheral T-helper cells by PCR after lymphapheresis. We conclude that high yields of peripheral T-lymphocytes can be obtained by continuous flow lymphapheresis for cell-mediated immunotherapy, without deterioration of virological or immunological parameters in HIV-infected patients. The separated T-cells are fully replaced from extravascular pools after 1 h.

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