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Developing peer support for HIV+ young women.
Hodgins A; Graham J; BAY Area Young Positives, San Francisco, CA.
December 30, 1995
HIV Infect Women Conf. 1995 Feb 22-24;:P91. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

Strategies for successful implementation of peer support for HIV positive young women will be discussed. Barriers and impediments to provision of relevant services will also be explored. Developmental, cultural, and regional factors that impact the development of peer youth services will also be addressed. Groups and recreational activities for young women only and mixed activities for both young men and women will be discussed. Bay Area Young Positives has been providing support groups, one-on-one emotional support, peer advocacy and recreational activities for HIV positive youth and young women since January 1990. BAY Positives is currently serving 111 HIV positive clients up to 26 years in age.

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