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Analysis of monoclonal antibodies against Cryptosporidium parvum sporozoites and merozoites.
Handzel JM; Regan S; Ortega Y; Cama V; Sterling CR; Department of
December 30, 1995
Natl Conf Hum Retroviruses Relat Infect (1st). 1993 Dec 12-16;:140.

The characterization through Western blot of eleven mouse monoclonal antibodies (MAB's) towards sporozoite and merozoite forms of C. parvum in correlation with mouse neutralization studies, will aid in determining new therapeutic strategies. Sporozoite and merozoite stages of C. parvum were purified through column chromatography and electrophoresed by SDS-PAGE. MAB's were then transferred via Western blot onto nitrocellulose, and developed using chemiluminescence. Four prevalent bands (molecular weights greater than 200, 56, 20, and 15KD) were recognized by seven of the MAB's. The in vivo mouse neutralization studies showed that only two of the eleven MAB's had neutralizing capabilities. The Western blot analyses were then correlated with results from in vitro and in vivo studies showing that these two neutralizing antimerozoite MAB's, M2-3A1 and M2- 3B6, recognized bands of 131, 56, and 20KD. The 56KD molecular weight band was unique to the two neutralizing MAB's and may be the integral foundation for neutralization. Alternatively a combination of proteins targeted by the antibody, such as the 56KD band together with the 131KD or the 20KD band may be the key to neutralization. These protein bands need to be further characterized to determine the role that each one has in parasite neutralization.

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