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Relationship between weight, body surface area (BSA) and zidovudine (ZDV) levels.
Sahai J; Gallicano K; Garber G; Cameron DW; Univ. of Ottawa AIDS
December 30, 1995
Natl Conf Hum Retroviruses Relat Infect (1st). 1993 Dec 12-16;:135.

To investigate the relationship between weight, BSA and ZDV serum levels, pharmacokinetic profiles were obtained in 53 HIV infected men. No other medications were allowed for 72 hours before the study day. 18 patients were sampled after their initial ZDV dose and 35 were sampled 8 hours after their last ZDV dose to simulate single dose conditions. Serial blood samples were obtained over 4 (18 patients) or 8 hours (35 patients). The relationships between Cmax, AUC(0 to infinity) and weight or BSA were evaluated by linear regression. The range of weights was 59 kg to 100 kg and BSA was 1.61 to 2.28 m2. There was no significant association between (i) body weight and Cmax (R2=0.02, p=0.38) or AUC (0 to infinity) (R2=0.03, p=0.21) or (ii) BSA and Cmax (R2=0.02, p=0.35) or AUC (0 to infinity) (R2=0.02, p=0.34). In contrast to previous data (Clin Pharmacokin 1989;17:1-9) we were unable to demonstrate a significant relationship between either weight or BSA and observed zidovudine serum concentrations.

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