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[Risks of accidental exposure to blood in the operating room. Results of a multicenter prospective study. Groupe d'Etude sur les Risques d'Exposition au Sang]
Johanet H; Antona D; Bouvet E; Service de Chirurgie Generale et
January 30, 1996
Ann Chir. 1995;49(5):403-10. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE MED/96010635

A multicentric prospective trial was conducted to evaluate the frequency and kind of blood exposure in operating room. From march to june 1992, 3554 procedures were observed in 22 surgical units (visceral, orthopaedic and vascular), with 129 surgeons, 133 residents and 216 nurses. Statistic analysis was done on Epi Info 5 (CDC Atlanta) and EGRET (Statistic and Epidemiology Research Corporation, Seattle). 11.7% of procedures were the case for an incidental blood exposure: 4.2% for percutaneous exposure; 8.4% for cutaneous or mucosal exposure. Rates change with the surgical specialty. Surgeons were involved in 50.7% of percutaneous exposure and 58.7% of the cutaneous or mucosal exposures, especially when they were operators (respectively 2 and 5.6% person-act). A significative rate was founded between incidental blood exposure and the length of procedure, the sepsis character of the procedure, but not with emergency or number of globular units transfused. To diminish the incidental blood exposure and its risks, this data suggests three kinds of practice: a better work for vaccination; in our study 59% of surgeons declare an adequate vaccination against hepatitis B; a best operative hygiene, with knowing of risks factor of blood exposure, depending of the kind of procedure, changing between different units; the use of protections: non coated dressing, double gloving, ocular protection.

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